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 Clinical Trials

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Fifteen years of experience guarantee best performance in using neurophysiological methods during drug and market research.


Clinical Trials

 NeuroCode AG is certified to conduct clinical trials. Trials are conducted on three levels of evidence: questionnairs, psychometric performance and enkephalovision (combination of Neurocode tracking (quantitative EEG) and Eye Tracking). Cognitive testing is performed concomitantly with quantitative EEG recording. Results are given not only in numeric form but also as topographic maps containing all frequency changes using a RGB algorithm (no false colour coding!).



Example of quantitative EEG map in the presence of performing a calculation task. Increases of frontal (electrode position Fz) theta activity indicating high attention are visible. Thus, drug induced changes can be monitored continuously with respect to cognition.


Advertisement Research

Neurocode Tracking (fast dynamic quantitative EEG recording with epoch length of 364 ms) in combination with Eye Tracking allows to follow individual reactions of the brain in response to presentation of advertisements. The short epochs can be related to single glances of the subject.



Example of acombination of Neurocode Tracking together with Eye Tracking. Red spot in upper image corresponds to eye position. Frequency map in lower image indicates the response of brain electric activity at this particular moment.