About NeuroCode AG

NeuroCode AG is a research institution and Contract Research Organization engaged in the characterization of drugs acting on the brain using neurophysiological techniques in vitro, in vivo and in volunteers. Preclincial and clinical pharmacology is based on electrophysiological methods which have been developed by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Dimpfel over the last 30 years. Main research areas are

Cognition, Emotion, Sleep, Herbal Preparations and Neuromarketing.

The following services are offered:

  • Performance of preclinical neurophysiological studies in vivo and in vitro

  • Performance of clinical studies according to GCP (NeuroCode has been inspected by government authority) with emphasis on neurophysiology
  • Complete high power polysomnography in 3 sleep laboratories for testing new sleeping aids
  • Substantiation of mental health claims using psychophysiological methods (Combination of psychometry and Quantitative EEG)
  • Basic research with respect to mechanism of action of single plant derived ingredients or drugs
  • Classification of unknown remedies with respect to clinical indication and in relation to neurotransmission
  • Evaluation of cognitive and emotional reactions in response to TV commercials based on electric brain mapping
  • Evaluation of single catalog pages or article presentations by mail order business
  • Pretesting and preselection of TV commercials before they go on air (neuromarketing)
  • Quantitation of electric brain activity during performance of computer games like racing or 3D TV presentations

All services are managed as individual research projects in highly interactive exchange with our clients.