Clinical studies aiming at cognition

We are certified for the conduction of clinical studies aiming at the characterization of drug effects as well as the substantiation of health claims with respect to nutraceuticals. Since the electric activity of the brain determines our cognitive, emotional and motor capabilities, a new special methodology of quantitative EEG analyis provides all information needed to find out about the action of drugs on the brain. Surrogate parameters for mood, several cognitive features like memory, concentration or mental fitness are available now and have been used in earlier studies. For more details see information below.


Electric brain activity during performance of mathematical calculations. Left frontal cortex shows high power in delta and theta frequencies! Source density analysis of the EEG provides more focused information than field potentials (covers somewhat deeper brain structures).

Symphony of neurotransmitter activity is mirrored in particular frequencies and determine cognition, emotion and motor activities. This non-invasive technology allows for objective determination of surrogate parameters of mental performance (memory, concentration or mental tasking during drug action .